Datally APK v1.8 Free Download [5MB]

Datally APK is a smart app that will save mobile data by helping to monitor and gain control of the data.

datally apk

Download [5MB]

There are many benefits of the features,

  • Save data by blocking background data consumption 
  • Automatically turn off the mobile data during the night
  • Save up a certain amount of data to use in an emergency 
  • Check on which apps consume more data and control the usage 
  • Set data usage limits for everyday 

Datally app gives you real-time data about how much data is currently being used by an app. You may utilize the app’s user-friendly interface to control it based on your preferences.

Datally APK is a great software for someone who wants to monitor their data usage even though it doesn’t offer any ground-breaking capabilities. 

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