DU Battery Saver APK v2.0 Free Download [6.28MB]

DU Battery Saver APK is an app that controls the usage of your device battery and extends its lifetime. With this tool, all the unnecessary processes that use up the battery can be stopped.

du battery saver apk

Download [6.28MB]

Key features of this application are,

  • Power optimization with a single tap
  • Monitor charging and extend the battery life
  • Discover how long the battery can be used while using certain apps
  • Power saving with system settings of power-connected functions 
  • Battery cooler that accurately discovers the temperature of the battery and stops applications that produce heat

du battery saver apk download

Additionally, DU Battery Saver Apk offers a complete battery report that includes information on every activity that is involved in power consumption. It is an effective application that actually helps extend the amount of time your battery lasts before needing to be recharged.

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