Power Clean APK v3.1.4 Free Download [8.85MB]

Power Clean APK is a simple app that is helpful in cleaning the phone memory and storage for a boosted performance of the device with a single tap.

power clean apk

Download [8.85MB]

This app will,

  • Speedly clean the device
  • Free storage space and clear memory with one tap
  • Clear the cache with the system cache cleaner of the app
  • Detect and clean residual files automatically and makes the phone work in optimal condition 
  • Secure the device from viruses and other malware
  • Detects apps that consume most of the battery power and shut them down or hibernates them

power clean apk download

Power Clean APK is the best alternative for paid apps that come with similar functions. Consider the possibility of downloading this application if you’re looking for a program to enhance the performance of the device.

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