Tasker APK v4.8u1 Free Download [3.19MB]

Tasker APK is an app that can automate any task on your smart device. Let all your tasks be handled by this app.

tasker apk

Download [3.19MB]

The specific features include,

  • Activate dark mode
  • Automated activation of airplane mode
  • Send messages and create notifications 
  • Manage files
  • Turn on/off silent mode
  • Increase or decrease the screen brightness 
  • Automated wallpaper change
  • Activate actions on widgets, navigation bar, or notifications

tasker apk download

There is so much more that you can do with this Tasker APK. The software will provide you unlimited access to all of the apps and settings on your devices and has fantastic uses and incredible features. So, you can anticipate much more from Tasker.

However, even with just the mentioned features, it can be enjoyed to a significant extent. 

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