Samsung Good Lock Apk v2.2.04.63 Free Download [11.15MB]

Samsung Good Lock Apk is an app to customize the device interface and operations. Use the built-in features and make your smartphone attractive.

samsung good lock apk

Download [11.15MB]

The main functions that you can perform are,

  • Setting up a theme or creating one with the theme park
  • Modify the look of the recent app menu with a task changer
  • Change how notifications appear with notistar
  • Configure gesture control 
  • Change volume and sound settings 
  • Create logs on what changes done to the device

samsung good lock apk download

Samsung Good Lock Apk is a free utility that allows Android users to fully personalize their smartphones. Change the theme, personalize the buttons, include little motions, discover live wallpapers, and make a lot more adjustments.

If you want to effortlessly modify your device as much as you can, just explore each of the small apps.

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