Manga Rock APK v3.9.8_world Free Download [49.56MB]

Manga Rock APK is the best place to buy or read all your favorite manga magazines.

manga rock apk

Download [49.56MB]

Download and read thousands of manga magazines and cartoon strips that you love. And there’s more,

  • Download manga series from more than 20 different sources 
  • Read your favorite magazines in 6 different languages 
  • Download several volumes at once
  • Keep the app minimized while doing other stuff 
  • Read manga inside the app itself 
  • Read horizontally or vertically with brightness settings 
  • Save your favorite collections and get notified whenever there’s a new chapter

manga rock apk download

Manga Rock APK is so far the best app to read manga comics. Have everything you love in one place. Download and start reading.

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