Pac Man 256 APK v2.0.2 Free Download [45.69MB]

Pac Man 256 APK is a game based on the original Pacman and keeps you busy in a never-ending maze.

pac man 256 apk

Download [45.69MB]

The game comes with incredible features like,

  • Specially made for mobile devices
  • Simple controls and gameplay
  • Amazing powerups
  • Setup levels according to preference
  • Customize your own maze
  • Earn the best scores and compete with others
  • Offline game playing

pac man 256 apk download

The only times the  Pac-Man 256 APK game ends are when Pac-Man is killed by a ghost or when all players have completed a level. In this game’s never-ending maze, the player will suffer severe repercussions if they are not a swift mover.

Players can be confident that this game will make playing it completely enjoyable. You will undoubtedly have more reasons to enjoy the game now that it is free and completely unlocked.

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