File Manager APK v3.1.9 Free Download [7.6MB]

File Manager APK is an easy and convenient file explorer app for Android devices.

file manager apk

Download [7.6MB]

It is fully functional and packed with features,

  • Manage all files in external and internal storage
  • Files will be sorted automatically by the types and characteristics 
  • Manage all applications installed on the device
  • Access cloud and other remote storage
  • Analyze storage to clean up unwanted files
  • Use in-built utilities for better performance

file manager apk download

Other than that, the software is really small and simple to use. It is simpler to use because the features are basic but useful.

A straightforward file explorer with all the features this kind of program should have is called File Manager APK. In addition, it has a straightforward interface that is suitable for all devices.

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