Replika APK v11.2.1 Free Download [293.7MB]

Replika APK is an instant messaging app to chat with an AI for the whole day.

replika apk

Download [293.7MB]

This is an instant messaging app. It is an AI that is used to listen entertain and receive realistic responses. You can customize the gender and choice of Replika prior to starting chatting and messaging. You can use an icon to use as the profile picture and enter your name. 

  • This App is a super intuitive tool
  • You will feel like chatting with your spouse, friends, or family members because this will adapt and customize its responses when you chat for a long
  • This app consists of a premium version that offers a variety of conversation topics

replika apk download

Android 8.0 or higher version is needed to download Replika APK. You can download it from a trusted source and start chatting.

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