WifiKill Pro APK v1.0.1 Free Download [7.8MB]

Wifikill Pro APK is an app to cut off other users from the network and save all the data for yourself.

wifikill pro apk

Download [7.8MB]

Sharing a common wifi network is sometimes very hard and stressful, So this app helps you with it

  • Get the list of all the users connected 
  • Get the report on the data transfer rate
  • Monitor the network activity of devices connected to the wifi
  • Disconnect the users who are connected to the wifi

wifikill pro apk download

The maximum speed at which a device can use the Internet is decreased when multiple devices are using the same Internet connection. You can see every device connected to your WiFi network using the WiFiKill Pro Apk.

 By doing so, you can cut off any bandwidth wasters and strengthen your own connection. Using the app, you can rejoin those devices as well.

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