SuperSU APK v2.82 Free Download [8.16MB]

SuperSU APK acts as a guard to rooted Android devices. It takes the responsibility of managing the apps by sorting out what to take and what to avoid. It basically gives you control of Android devices.

supersu apk

Download [8.16MB]

The app comes with many features and functions,

  • Deep protection detection 
  • Accessing notifications to get information about apps waiting for permissions 
  • Performs temporary and permanent unrooting
  • Wake on prompt 
  • Recovery mode functions
  • Ghost mode
  • Configuration on individual application

supersu apk download

To use Supersu Apk, download and install it on your device under recovery mode. Install an app that needs root access. When attempting to use these apps, a pop-up will appear asking for supersu access. Tap on grant and wait for the success message to appear. Now the device is rooted successfully.

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