Photoshop Fix APK v1.1.0 Free Download [43.8MB]

Photoshop Fix APK is an image retouching, refining, and enhancing app. It helps to create the exact look that you prefer in the photo.

photoshop fix apk

Download [48.3MB]

If you want to edit photos on Android devices, then this will be an ideal fit.

The user can get the exact look, structure, and feel that he wanted in the photo.

This makes dramatic edits to facial features. Creating a big smile, slimming down cheeks, and editing other facial points with remarkable ease is easy with this app.

Lightening and darkening, adjusting, defocusing, coloring, painting, healing and patching, and liquifying are some other features available in Photoshop Fix APK.

photoshop fix apk download

How to Use?

  • First, open or add a photo in Photoshop Fix.
  • Tap adjust. You will see the adjust toolbar.
  • Select Auto Fix to apply the best adjustment.
  • Tap on available adjustment modes.
  • Finally, accept the change. 

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