PokiiMap APK v2.4.0 Free Download [17.9MB]

PokiiMap APK is an app that helps the Pokemon GO player to locate the characters with ease. The app displays a map of your area, so you can see all nearby Pokemans. The time that is left to catch them is also available here.

pokiimap apk

Download [17.9MB]

If you are playing Pokemon Go, then this will be a helpful app for you.

  • You can use two fingers to zoom in on the map
  • Zooming also helps you to get a general idea of the areas in the city where you will find more Pokemon

pokiimap apk download

PokiiMap APK offers multiple accounts like Google accounts and PTC.

You can have notifications for Pokemons near the player. 

PokiiMap gives you the chance to check the Pokemon inventories, show IV, and other stats of the players’ Pokemons in their accounts.

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