XPlayer for Firestick | Best HD video player for firestick, fire TV

XPlayer is a professional HD video player. This video player supports all the video formats low to high such as 4K, HD, Ultra HD video files. This can be called one of the best androids supported video players. Its unique features cannot be compared with other video playing applications. 

XPlayer for Firestick

XPlayer is another beautiful creation of the popular app developing company, Inshot. It is offered by this company Inshot and has officially been released on the 10th of February 2017. The app has upgraded to a higher version, which is, and has released on the 4th of November 2020. The app has won over 50 million hearts with its best performances. The 50 million user downloads are evidence to understand the Application is a quite viral one than other video playing apps.

XPlayer is a free application with many inbuilt features. This is one of the top ranking applications in the video playing category. XPlayer supports any platform such as Android, IOS, MAC, Windows, Firestick, and Chromecast. 

Reason to choose XPlayer over other video playing apps

XPlayer supports all video formats such as mpg, mp2, MPEG, Avi, mpg, fly, Ogg, mp4, m4v, MOV, 3gp, etc. This is called the best 4K supported android video player ever. Moreover, XPlayer Supports ISO Image files. This is a special feature in this video player since it helps for ISO Image files. Generally, it would help if you were needed a PC to view ISO Image files, but with the facility provided by this X player, the user does not need to have a PC. You can view ISO images on your own mobile device easily, using XPlayer.

What is Firestick?

Firestick is a 4K media streaming device that contains various kinds of inbuilt features such as Alexa voice remote, Dolby Version, etc. There are hundreds of applications and popular Video streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, ESPN, etc., that support Firestick. It would be best if you took the subscription for these video streaming 

services to use Firestick.

With the method we are going to introduce, you will be able to access thousands of web content. It is just a simple and easy method. The only thing you have to do is install the XPlayer Application to your Firestick.

Installing XPlayer for Firestick

There are two methods to install XPlayer for your Firestick.

First, you should enable ‘install apps from unknown resources.’ How do we do it? Here’s the solution.

  •  Turn on your Firestick device using its remote.
  •  Go to settings.
  •  Select ‘My Fire TV’ Device.
  •  Navigate to ‘developer options.’
  •  Enable ‘Apps from unknown sources’
  •  You will see it after turning it on.
  •  Now, you are all set to install XPlayer using these two methods.

Method 1: Installing XPlayer using a downloader

XPlayer for Firestick with downloader

  •  Go to Home and type downloader in the search bar.
  •  Then, it will display the downloader app.
  •  Go to Application.
  •  Go to settings.
  •  There will be three checkboxes. Check whether all the three checkboxes are enabled. If it is not, will allow them.
  •  After that, there’s a home icon in the app. There will be a space to type a URL. Type ‘http://xplayerapk.com/’
  •  Type the button ‘Go.’
  •  Then, you can see the downloading progress of the XPlayer.
  •  Go to the Home screen and launch the Application.
  •  Enjoy the features.

Method 2: Install XPlayer using ES File Explorer

XPlayer for Firestick with ES FileE xplorer

Make sure to enable the function ‘Apps from unknown sources’ before getting into this method.

  • Go to Home Screen, type ES File Explorer in the search bar.
  • Then, install it.
  •  Launch ES File Explorer.
  •  There’s a section called ‘tools’ in the ES File Explorer.
  •  Click the‘ +New’ button.
  •  Add the link, ‘http://xplayerapk.com/’ to the section named ‘path.’
  •  You can put any name to the field called ‘Name,’ but we recommend ‘XPlayer.’
  •  Click ‘Download Now’
  •  Now, you will see the XPlayer Apk File downloading.
  •  After all set, click the install button. Install it within a single tap.
  •   Launch and Enjoy.


XPlayer is a beneficial application when it comes to video playing. Since you can play videos in any format, you don’t have to worry about playing the video. Why don’t you just download, install, and enjoy the Application?

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